Static Control Products 


  • Static Eliminator Bars

    Powerful and high quality static eliminators with, and without air amplification products, to address virtually any application where static charges are a problem.

  • Ion Air Knives

    The Standard Air Blade™ Ionizer combines the superior designed Standard Air Knife the quality Haug static bars - the RN bar for most applications or the extra strong VS bars (Triple X versions) for very high static charges and extremely high speeds. 

  • Power Supplies

    Nex Flow™ uses quality Power Supplies from Haug that have several unique features unavailable in competitive units.

  • Ion Air Blowers

    Where air is required to affect static removal at a distance, and blowoff force is not required, and compressed air is not available but there is adequate space, the Ion Blower can be used with either the standard Model RN static bar or the extra powerful Model VS bar. 

  • Ion Blaster Beam™

    The Nex Flow™ Ion Blaster Beam™ neutralizes static electricity and can remove static free dust up to 15 feet (4.6 m) away with no moving parts. It's compact design allows it to be used in hard to reach areas or confined spaces.